Lil Chef Series

Montessori-friendly cookbooks written in English and Chinese for the youngest of chefs!

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Hearing & Seeing Chinese

Learn Mandarin characters with your baby through artistic visualizations. This high-contrast book is sure to catch your baby’s attention and help them start recognizing Chinese characters early!

  • David B.

    "My baby loved looking at all the pictures. The fruit tart was so colorful with the blueberries, strawberries, and oranges!"

  • Jessica L.

    "I like that the books have English, Chinese, and Pinyin. The Pinyin helps my husband read the book because he doesn't know how to read Chinese. Now we can all participate in our son's Chinese learning."

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  • Emma C.

    "I love the Lil Chef Series. My twins and I love following along and making the fruit tart and salad while learning new words. We can't wait to see the new recipes!"

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